Gel Troubleshooting Class at Nail Camp East

Gel Troubleshooting Class at Nail Camp East

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During this 3 hour class at Nail Camp East, let international record-holding nail competitor Amy Becker show you her gel troubleshooting techniques that she has been developing in the salon for over 20 years.

In order to sign up this class, you must be registered for the camp. Please visit the website below to register if you have not already done so:

Where:  Kaplan Mitchell Retreat Center at Ramah Doram, Clayton, Georgia

What you will learn (with speed!):

- Correct and prevent lifting

- How to correct air pockets

- 5-10 second gel polish removal per nail

- Sculpting on nail biters

- Fast and easy crack repairs

- Correct uncured gels

- Gooey jars

- Cool e-file techniques

- Time reduction

- Smooth gel sealant technique (eliminate bulk by the cuticle and bubbled tip at the free edge)

- Gel polish that looks like nail polish

- Eliminate bubbles in the product

- Prevent heat spikes

- Quickly eliminate thick free edges

What to Bring:

• Table light

• UV or LED light

• Towels

• Paper towels

• 99% isopropyl alcohol

• Gel brushes

• E-File (if you have one) 

Included in the Class:

• Class-size product kit

• Specialty practice tips

• Gel troubleshooting certificate upon completion

Investment:  $75

*Masterworks products will be available for sale during the class

MASTERWORKS CANCELLATION POLICY:  We do not offer refunds for cancellations but do allow transfers of registrants.  If you need to cancel and cannot find another licensed nail tech to take your place, please let us know.  We will gladly help you find a licensed nail tech to take your place when we are contacted by one.