Video Tutorials

Glitter Fade with 3D Gel Art

Learn Amy's fast and easy techniques for these beautiful nails!

Holly Design

Amy demonstrates using her Masterpiece Gel paints for a unique holiday French with a 3D design.

Advanced 3D Flower Design

Amy demonstrates her techniques to create a beautiful gel art flower using Masterpiece Gel Paints from Masterworks by Amy Becker.

Star Candy

This is a quick and easy gel art design for the holidays!

3D Holly Design

This is probably the quickest 3D Holly you can create using Masterworks by Amy Becker's Masterpiece Gel Paints!

Time Piece Encasement Art

How to sculpt glitter gel nails with "Time Pieces" using Masterworks by Amy Becker

Time Piece Encasement w/ 3D Flower

Amy breaks down how to encase a Time Piece into a gel with a faded glitter French and 3D gel art on top.

3D Gel String Beading

By overloading your art brush with Masterpiece Gel Paint, you can create strings of gel to lay down in many designs for a more 3D effect. This works best with the light colors and is not recommended with the darker colors unless you plan on encasing them.

St. Patrick's Day Art

Amy Becker will demonstrate this nail design twist for a St. Patricks Day using Masterpiece Gel Paints from Masterworks by Amy Becker.

Striped Christmas Sparkle Design

Amy demonstrates another glitter/gel color combination with a simple twist using her "Masterpiece Gel Paint".

How to Create Easter Egg Colors

Amy will show you a quick way to make your own customized Easter Egg gel colors using products you probably already have at your salon. Create amazingly unique gel colors that your clients will be asking about!

Breast Cancer Awareness Nail

Amy demonstrates how to use her Masterpiece Gel Paints using layering techniques for dimension.

Pigment Fade Technique

Amy will demonstrate the quickest and easiest way to apply powdered pigments to colored gel nails for an art twist!