MasterBond 4oz Backbar Refill

MasterBond 4oz Backbar Refill

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Known for being one of our best selling products, MasterBond adheres gel to the natural nail without acids or curing and no wait or dry time. There is no need to dehydrate the nail with any primers - MasterBond can be applied directly onto an etched nail surface.  Simply apply MasterBond, apply gel and cure! 

Please note: MasterBond DOES NOT need to cure in a light.



1. Prep the natural nail plate by gently etching the nail surface. For best results, use our MasterBand sanding bands with an electric file or a 180 grit nail file.

2. Brush on MasterBond to the natural nail plate, being careful not to get onto the skin.

3. Apply gel and cure!